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Wedding Videography

We offer wedding video packages to fit your budget and needs. We also offer a la carte services. Contact us today to book your wedding video.




Highlight Video:

  • 3-6 minutes in length, this is a favorite among all couples! Easy and quick to watch, this highlights your wedding day in a concise and artistic way. Set to music, this is the film everyone loves to watch most, and rarely is there a dry eye in the room when it’s over!

  • Choice of medium – USB Thumb Drive, Blu-ray or DVD*

*Please note that file sizes can be large, and we cannot guarantee that they can be emailed, therefor a physical storage device is provided.




Standard package includes ALL the services listed in our Basic package plus:


Feature Length Documentary Edit:

Enjoy an edited documentary video including each portion of your day, as listed below:


  • Establishing shots: We arrive early at the location of your ceremony and capture scenic and panoramic pictures of the grounds and the facility prior to your guests arriving, as well as close-ups of all flowers and decorations both inside and outside. Guests are filmed as they arrive. First looks are filmed at this time as well.

  • Ceremony: Complete ceremony filmed. We discretely mic the groom for crystal clear vows. We also provide mics for your Officiant and speakers*.

  • Reception: We film all the key moments, such as introductions, first dance, speeches, parent dances, cake cutting, etc. Included are some highlights of dinner, guests mingling and plenty of dancing!

*Note: We mic your DJ or Band’s sound system for crystal clear introductions and speeches. Let us know if this will be unavailable and we will find another solution.




Everything in the Basic and Standard Packages plus, edited into the documentary edit:


  • Coverage of the ladies’ preparations – we film all the ladies getting ready* for the big day and cover any formal photos your photographer takes prior to leaving for the ceremony.

  • Coverage of the gentlemen’s preparations – we optionally film the men getting ready for the big day and cover any formal photos your photographer takes prior to leaving for the ceremony.

  • Additional stationary camera at Ceremony and Reception – the main cameras will always be focused on the primary action, but an additional camera will capture lots of additional shots of family, bridal party and guests looking on, as well as great secondary angles of the action. This provides great reaction shots of family and friends, as well as additional creative angles throughout the day.

*Note: We will coordinate this with you, so we are not intruding when unwanted.




All services from our Basic, Standard and Deluxe packages plus:


  • Post-wedding interview – After the honeymoon, sit down and talk about the highlights and favorite moments of your wedding experience and what the future may hold. Footage from the wedding is mixed in with the interview to create a feature that will rival the best documentaries. Capture your thoughts and emotions to cherish and relive for years to come!

  • Outtakes & Extras – Expecting any characters among your bridal party and guests? Revisit your wedding day on a more humorous and lighter note and see what you may have missed. A collection of spontaneous events and mishaps are compiled into a single video. Set to appropriate music, this is sure to tickle your funny bone, as well as present your wedding day in a more casual and fun setting.

ala carte.jpeg

a la carte

Drone Footage


Aerial coverage, of the venue, from your wedding day incorporated into your video.


Additional DVD Copies


Send copies to your friends and family.


Additional Blu-Ray Copies


Send copies to your friends and family in stunning HD.


Photo Slideshow


Family photos, growing up, wedding photos, honeymoon, or whatever else you wish! You provide the content, we artistically present it, set to music.


Mainstream Music

Want your favorite song in your video? Let us know and we will make it happen. Pricing varies by licensing fees and availability.*

*Note: We do our best, but some music may be unavailable due to licensing restrictions.

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